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Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve, nestled in the northeast of Chad, is a natural sandstone masterpiece spanning 40,000 km2 that has been sculpted over centuries by wind and water, creating a magnificent landscape marked by cliffs, canyons and natural arches. The permanent presence of water in this desert landscape has created an Eden in the Sahara, sustaining flora and fauna as well as human life.  Thousands of images have been painted and carved into the rock surface making up one of the largest and globally significant ensembles of rock art in the Sahara.

Characterized by plateaus, gorges, immense rock arches and pillars sculpted and shaped over millennia, Ennedi Massif was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2016 for its unique natural formations and rock art that dates back 7,000 years.

A protected area called the ‘Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve’ which covers 40,000 km2 is under creation and the area formally came under the long-term management of African Parks in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Chad in February 2018.

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