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Suyian Trust was set up in 2008 in order to raise funds more efficiently for people and conservation. Today’s pressure on our natural resources is more demanding than ever and we are unable to sustain and continue this work without inviting partners to join us.

We are happily helping the Suyian Trust with the Cattle Program to help the local pastoralists with their cattle issues which created lots of conflict in the area in recent years.


  • Nduru Solar Borehole Project: 

    • The Leopardess Foundation (LF) is funding the project to bring water to certain areas of the conservancy. During the dry season, some ​areas become waterless and this can have a negative impact on the wildlife. 

  • Leopard Project

    • Camera traps were put up with LF funding to get a better understanding on the behaviour of Leopards in the area. These camera traps also provide vital information on other animals ​such as elephants or baboons. The later are also quite the trouble makers as they pull down or move the cameras. 

    • Through the camera traps, we were able to spot the rare black leopard.

  • Tree Zone Project

    • The conservancy through LF funding is protecting and planting trees to create some protected tree zones. Elephants are known to destroy trees and this can cause problems for other species. These zones are crucial for raptors and bird life in general as they use the trees for nests.

Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 16.11.48 .png

Suyian camera trap June 2020

Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 16.11.36 .png

Tree plantation in protected zone

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