Space for Giants is an international conservation charity, with more than a decade of experience facilitating the conservation and management of African elephants, and the landscapes they depend on. Headquartered in Laikipia Kenya, the charity focuses on developing and delivering anti-poaching initiatives, securing protected landscapes for elephants, tackling human-wildlife conflict and providing conservation training and education.

Laikipia County is one of East Africa’s most critical areas for wildlife conservation, home to the highest populations of large mammals in Kenya, outside of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Laikipia forms part of the Ewaso Ecosystem which hosts Kenya’s second largest population of elephants.

Despite its ecological diversity and importance, Laikipia County has no formally protected areas and wildlife, including elephants, therefore roam across a landscape mosaic of different land uses. The challenges associated with living alongside wildlife are , most clearly illustrated in with elephants as a wide-ranging, destructive, intelligent and internationally iconic species.

The unique context of Laikipia County has placed it at the cutting edge of conservation research, community conservation and mitigating with human-wildlife elephant conflict.

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